Jorge Atramiz

Jorge Atramiz is a photographer and a storyteller with a passion for traveling.  He began paragliding in 1999 in Caracas, Venezuela. Since then, he has been dedicated to capturing the  essence of free flight, and living its lifestyle, all over the planet. An Ozone pilot and contributor since 2003, Jorge now manages our team pilots, social media, and art direction for Gliders, Speed Wings, and Paramotors.

Jorge resides in Hawaii, where he has found a deeply inspiring landscape for creation and to relax between missions, in the air or in the water… if one could consider surfing on the North Shore of Oahu to be relaxing.

“Paragliding is an organic form of transport that inspires us to live a nomadic life and has attracted incredible characters to our flying community.

Free flying offers me the best access, the best canvas, and the best people with which to create. It is extremely rewarding to document and share the adventures and the evolution of our winged family”

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