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SECOND EVENT OF 2017 PWC-Nis, Serbia

Published on:
16 Jun 2017

The PWC in Nis, Serbia, starts tomorrow, Sunday the 18th of June, you can watch all the action on World Cup TV and follow the live commentary and tracking on: Once again Ozone have a lot of pilots in this PWC ready to put their new Enzo 3s and Zenos to the test. Méryl Delferriere: Overall 1st lady in the 2017 Coeur de Savoie PWC is once again on her Zeno. Richard GALLON: One of the pioneers of paragliding, a legend who was winning PWCs back in 1993, before many of today’s pilots were even born is on an Enzo3. As is Clement LATOUR: Lead out point bagger in the recent Coeur de Savoie PWC, X-Alps Super Hero, very well known in the world of hike and fly. Also voting with his wing by choosing an Enzo 3, Marco LITTAME: PWC winner in Brazil in 2015. Along with Andreas MALECKI: one of the most experienced pilots here, no stranger to winning tasks, veteran task setter (and on the task committee here) and 1st in 2016 PWC in Italy. Rafael SALADINI: Paragliding World record holder. On the 15th of October 2016 he flew 564km across Brazil and into the record books on an Enzo 2, received his shiny new Enzo3 this morning and hasn’t stopped grinning since. Yassen SAVOV, European Champion, lead out point bagger at the recent Coeur de Savoie and St Andre PWCs is at the Serbian PWC. He’s won 5 tasks in the last few years and won the PWC in Croatia in 2009. Yassen always gives us a diet of agony and ecstasy, he's here once again with his unique style and hopefully unbeatable wing. Let’s see what happens in the skies above the rolling green hills and mountains around Nis this week.


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