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Frequent Flyers Episode 3 - Namibia

Published on:
09 Sep 2015

Our friends Guillaume and Perrine spent the better part of a year traveling around the world to fly. The result of their journey is being chronicled in a three part series, the third of which is available now. If you missed the first episodes, you can watch the entire series as one film. Cheers from all the team!

A message from the filmmaker:
Namibia was the last stop on our paragliding journey. It had been my longtime dream to visit this beautiful country: the red sand dunes, the dead trees, the unique cultural atmosphere and people in Southern Africa, the amazing sunsets, and the incredible wildlife that lives there. Our idea was mainly to fly on the west coast. By chance, we met Axel Gruber, a local pilot who flies in Swakopmund. Axel knows the area really well, and he kindly drove us from spot to spot.

Paragliding in New Zealand:
Paragliding in Nepal:

We primarily stuck to coastal flying, staying close to the ocean. However, if you’re bold (and well organized), you can also do some pretty extreme cross­country flying. Namibia is the country where most major World Records have been broken.

­ Sossusvlei (­24.721111, 15.527480)
­ Sandwich Harbour (­23.318490, 14.501821)
­ Swakopmund (­22.728681, 14.536591)

-We flew in August, which is… the worst period to fly there! There are very strong and turbulent winds (mainly from the south), but this is also the best period to observe the local wildlife, and the temperatures are little bit cooler since it’s the winter season.

-If you fly between December and March, there is a 99% chance that you will enjoy fantastic flying.

-Be sure to contact Axel Gruber ( Our now good buddy flies everyday, and he also does some Tour­-guiding in the wild. He knows the conditions and spots well, so he is the man to contact if you want to go there.

­-Beware, there are absolutely no rescue services (no helicopter, no assistance at all…). So make sure that you are well­ prepared if anything happens. Always bring more water than you need, and food for a couple of days. You are truly in the middle of nowhere!

-At first glance, Namibia appears to be a very expensive country (and it is to a certain extent). But you can also travel rather inexpensively. Bring a tent, a camping stove, etc. You don’t need to sleep in expensive guest houses or eat in expensive restaurants. There are several places to camp throughout the country.

­-Most places (except for Sandwich Harbour) do not require a 4×4. This will allow you to save a lot of money. Etosha (the main Game Park) is accessible with a regular two­wheel drive car. So take a close look at what you want to do, you might not need a 4×4.

This marks the end of our adventure. We are now back in France, back to our normal everyday lives. I hope you enjoyed following our trip, and are motivated to take your paraglider with you the next time you travel…. There are paragliding spots everywhere in the world!

Perrine & Guillaume


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