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Published on:
15 Jul 2018

To become better pilots, we often rely on the wisdom of our instructors. The knowledge they share can take us further. Josiah Sewell just flew 100+ miles near his home in Arkansas, USA. To complete this epic flight he had the opportunity to join forces in the air with his mentor, Britton Shaw. In Josiah’s words: “4th of July 2018. I launched my Ozone Buzz Z5 from the Grand Canyon of Arkansas, near Jasper, then flew a record setting 164km cross country. 20 km into the flight I got low in the scenic Buffalo River Valley near Ponca. I would have been happy to land in such a beautiful area however, I caught a thermal that took me to cloud base. I followed the cloud streets to Eureka Springs (80 km) and was joined by my Instructor Britton Shaw flying his Ozone Zeno. From there we worked together leaving the mountains for the flatlands. We eventually crossed the Missouri state line. After 4hrs 49min we landed near Joplin, Missouri. 101 miles!” For Tracklog click HERE Congrats and cheers from all the Ozone Team.


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