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Because... Update!

Published on:
05 Mar 2008

Hi All, Thanks to all of you who have participated so far. We've been overwhelmed with the response, and some of the answers have been truly inspiring. Also thanks to you who have just entered the drawing, there's no need to write us anything, we just want to share our passion with you and we look forward to showing you more of the movie and more of the answers in the near future. The map at right shows roughly where your answers have been coming from. WOUTER JANSSEN NETHERLANDS Because.. the higher and further I fly the less I hear my girlfriend yelling for me to come down and go shopping with her. GONZALO SILVA GERMANY porque me gusta pasar volando por sitios por los cuales nadie ha llegado a pie LARRY GRIMES USA Because my parents and wife told me not to...But I have to! JUAN VERGARA USA because i am addicted to the oxygen you only find at cloud base. ERIC JANSEN USA I fly because it's the most exciting thing you can do with your clothes on! Derek Melnick NEW ZEALAND Because, when I rest my head after taking my final breath I will have enough time to remain on the ground. HUGO LANZA BRASIL I always had this wish to know why do birds sing when it's sunny out there! DANIEL ADRIAN VENEZUELA Porque la silla es más comoda que la de la oficina. BASAD OKAY TURKEY Because...I like flying the Hell of Thermal to reach the Heaven of the Sky. ENRIQUE MONTES VENEZUELA Flying represents the pure essence of the unexpected, and in more than one occasion it has given me a breathtaking experience that is worth a lifetime. MARK WILSON USA Because...Birds cant have ALL the fun! STEPHAINE POLLIS BELGIUM I Fly because ... of you, guys! AMIR IZADI CANADA ...because flying is the intersection of two of my strongest emotions: love and fear. And from our own David Dagault who was disqualified for going over 40 words, but we love his answer anyway: “Do you ask people why do they breath? It's normal, natural! You fly because you're alive. Once it will be all over, you won't be able to anymore. So you fly because you live, and you want to live because you can fly! Cheers from all the Team, enjoy the coming spring (or fall, wherever you are)!


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