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Ozone Materials - Durability Reports

Published on:
26 Aug 2007

Ozone has begun using several new materials in the past 2-3 years, chosen after extensive testing by the manufacturers and by our team of pilots for their performance and durability. However, the truest test of material durability is the test of time, and now that these new materials have been in use by pilots around the world for the past several seasons we are getting the results of your testing, which is the most important. In Russia, Vector Paragliding reports that after more than 1000 tows the Magnum Tandem and Element are still climbing and flying like new. Towing exerts higher than average forces on the glider material and lines and most wings deteriorate quickly after a few years of towing, but the Magnum and Element, used daily for training, are holding up admirably well. The Magnum is constructed from Porcher's new Skytex Evolution 45g/m2. Several reports from distributors and pilots have shown that the porosity of the Porcher Skytex Evolution is nearly new after more than 250 hours of flight time, and the mechanical characteristics (stretch resistance) of the Skytex are unmatched in the paragliding world. The Addict R and Mantra, introduced in 2005, both featured a new unsheathed Kevlar line material that is treated for UV protection. The durability of these lines is remarkable, as is being continually proven by pilots sending in their wings for 2nd and 3rd year checks. One pilot reported that after 210 hours of flying, his Addict R unsheathed lines were still above 90% of breaking strength, which is excellent for any line, and especially for unsheathed lines. Our Kevlar unsheathed lines are being used on the Addict R, Mantra M2, Viper, and Mantra R07. We highly recommend regular equipment checks and careful maintenance of your wings and equipment, for your safety. Thanks to those of you who have written in with reports and feedback, keep it coming. Cheers from all the team!


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