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Ozone Films Win at St Hilaire

Published on:
26 Sep 2007

This year at the world's largest international Film Festival, the Coupe Icare, three Ozone films took top honors in the prize giving. Sophie Guibal of Indasky Productions won both the 'People's Choice Award' and also the 'Best Picture Award' for her short film, Kimchee Session. This film is guaranteed to blow your mind. You won't see it on this site for a while, because it's going to be produced as a DVD in the near future. It is 19 minutes of insane flying in Korea by Ozone Pilots Mathieu Rouanet and Laurent Salinas, two of the best paramotor pilots in the world. These two guys spend half of the movie flying their motors low and dragging their feet on things... things like ice cold rivers, busy highways, building roofs, and even the roofs of cars stuck in traffic... all with the utmost care and professionalism, of course. It is without question the most exciting paramotor footage we have ever seen, and we promise it will make you want to put a motor on your back and get a Viper! Another winner in the film festival was Guillaume Broust, for his short film, The Bullet. Guillaume won the 'Best Directed Film Award' for the original score, storyboard, and of course, his epic direction which is surely unrivaled in the paragliding industry. If you haven't seen this yet, then click here. Or here for the direct link. Congratulations Sophie and Guillaume, for the excellent films! And congrats to the Ozone Pilots in the movies... we look forward to more!


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