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Because... Tell us!

Published on:
21 Mar 2008

You know why you fly. Or perhaps you don't. Maybe you have asked yourself the same question in the past, and maybe you were even able to answer it. We know why we fly, or at least we think we know. We've known since even before our first flights, and the same passion that drove us to experience free flight as beginners has brought us to our careers in the sport. We want to know why YOU fly, and we've set up what we think is a great way for you to tell us. It's easy, entertaining, and only takes a couple of minutes. Furthermore, we're going to reward pilots at random, and we're also going to reward a few pilots who can come up with some of the best answers. The cool part is there is absolutely no wrong answer: and in fact, there are only good answers, so fire away! Because... is a film. A short film, created by Jorge Atramiz and Herminio Cordido, the same minds behind the epic film 'The Never Ending Thermal'. to begin with, we're going to show you a trailer of the short film which will be arriving in May. You can choose to take part in the Because... draw (i.e., drawing, raffle, lottery), or the competition, or both. Check it out! Click here to see the trailer and enter the drawing and or competition.


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