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Roadster Certified and Available in all Sizes!!!

Published on:
01 Jul 2007

The long awaited Roadster is now available for order in all sizes! After over 2 years of development we are happy to announce that we have finished what we think is the perfect intermediate ppg specific wing. Our mission was to create a reflex wing with the agility, efficiency, and safety of a free-flight paraglider that is ideal for pilots of intermediate ability. The Roadster was developed from the ground up with OZRP Technology, which is a reflex hybrid profile allowing easier launches and safer recovery from maneuvers than wings with a traditional reflex profile. Traditional reflex profiles typically exhibit very poor behavior in recovery from maneuvers due to the profiles tendency to accelerate and dive in instances such as partial wing closure. The OZRP hybrid technology ensures high top speeds coupled with high passive safety and unmatched agility in flight. After years of testing and certifying free flight wings, the OZRP technology is born and is now an integral part of the Roadster's character. Allowing high top speeds and stability at low angles of attack, this new profile makes the Roadster the ultimate intermediate motor wing. The speed of the Roadster combined with its safety and agility is what sets it apart from the rest. The Roadster is Certified EN C, even in accelerated flight. The Roadster is now the only reflex wing that is certified with a speed system. In the difficult and technical EN flight tests, the Roadster received majority B results which exemplifies its high passive safety. For more information go to the Roadster page, and to see our newest ppg wing click the photos at right. Demos will be available from your local Ozone dealer soon, so reserve one now! Cheers from all the Team, and happy testing!


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