Dav Dagault

Dav started to fly in 1988 at the age of 12. His dad had about 2 days of ground handling and one flight which finished in the thorns when he decided to turn into Dav’s flying instructor. They both survived and 30 years later they are still consistently flying.

In Dav’s own words:

“Flying is freedom, flying is surfing the elements, flying is unique. Flying can be done and enjoyed in several manners. At any level, and anytime in a flying career, it’s always a pleasure thanks of its different aspects. To me, even if I stepped back from XC and competing, I still enjoy the simple act of flying for the precision, the skills, the finesse of piloting a wing, for the pleasure of the eyes from up there and for the feeling I get”

Dav has been in charge of Ozone’s R&D department since the beginning. He shares:

“Above all, I have a lot of pleasure working with the people I meet everyday at the office. Creating is possibly the most rewarding thing a human being can do. Seeing pilots flying our creations and having a blast is even more rewarding. The inspiration is the passion for flying. It is a personal journey that serves my addiction for having fun with some top quality equipment”

Some of Dav’s achievements:

  • 1x time national champ
  • Red Bull X-Alps podium / finisher
  • French Champion
  • Winner French Distance Cup
  • Some podiums in PWC’s
  • 2nd X-Alps 2003
  • First crossing of the French Alps, from Col de Bleyne to Switzerland 333km back in 2009.
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