Sebastian Ospina

Do you have a nickname that you go by?
In the latin american community they call me Sebas, in Swtizerland  Sebi and everywhere else  Seb.

Where do you live?
Interlaken, Switzerland

What do you do for work?
Tandem Pilot in summer and fly-guide/coach in winter

What year, and how old were you when you started flying?
Initially I  flew as a tandem passenger aged 13. After some skillful negotiations with my parents I managed to start my lessons and first flights in 2004 at the ripe age of 14.    

Did a family member introduce you to paragliding? Does anyone else in your family fly?
Yes, my cousin Felipe introduced me to this wonderful world. Weirdly enough nobody else in the family is interested in any outdoor activity, in fact it took me 12 years to convince my parents to come with me on the tandem.

What other passions do you have, or activities do you enjoy?
At the moment my other hobbies are Kite-foiling, Kiteboarding and skiing. Still  far from being an expert but is such a great feeling to play with the elements and feel like you progress every time you get out there.

Why is flying important to you, and what does flying mean to you?
To me flying is probably the most profound and humbling way to connect with the environment.  The most beautiful game and the best way to feel free.

List as many notable accomplishments (big adventures, competition results, bivvy trips, etc) that you’ve had over the past few years. If possible, please upload a few photos of these accomplishments in your folder

  • First pilot to fly over 200k straight line in Colombia
  • 5x Winner of the Rolda Open (2013,2016,2017,2019,2013)
  • Winner of the British Winter Open 2019
  • 3rd overall place XContest 2019 and 2020
  • Winner of the North American Paragliding Nationals 2022, Valle de Bravo
  • Team Gold at the World Championship 2021
  • 6th at the World Championship 2021
  • Winner of the Eiger Tour challenge category 2022
  • 6th World Cup Superfinal 2022

Do you have any goals, dreams or plans for the next 1-2 years that you want to share?

  • Keep pushing at high level competitions
  • Explore more and more the world of Hike&Fly
  • Discover new places
  • Share my experience and knowledge
  • Spread the love for our passion
  • Stay healthy
  • Inspire
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