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Ozium 2 Harness: Safety Notice

Concerning all Ozium 2 harnesses manufactured during 2017 and early 2018.

For harnesses delivered after March 2018, no further action is required.

There have been several reported cases of a potential problem with the reserve deployment system of the Ozium 2.

The reserve bridles connect the parachute to the shoulder attachment points and are routed within a self-opening zip compartment on the right hand side of the harness.

During practice deployments it has been found that it is possible for the bridles to rupture the stitching of the self-opening zip compartment, rather than open the zip as intended. This does not adversely affect the deployment of the parachute itself but can cause non structural damage to the harness. In the case of a real life deployment, there is also the potential for the pilot to be left in a compromised body position.

To rectify the issue it is necessary to modify the reserve deployment container with an adhesive reinforcement panel. The reinforcement panel, when correctly fitted, ensures that the bridle is directed through the self-opening zip during the deployment process as originally intended.

The reinforcement panel will automatically be sent to your OZONE dealer. The modification is simple to do and will take only 5 minutes so it is possible to perform it yourself. However, if you are unsure or do not have the confidence to do so, please consult with your dealer.

Action Required: Contact your local OZONE dealer to obtain the reinforcement panel.

Remember to thoroughly check your harness and entire reserve system on a regular basis.

Download Reserve Modification PDF