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PWCA Asian Tour, South Korea, Mungyeong 15 -22 October, 2022

The PWCA Asian Tour in Mungyeong will give the best Asian pilots the chance to race against each other. Pilots will be participating from Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam and of course, Korea.

This competition is also very much an international event. Up and coming pilots from as far afield as America, Brazil, Britain, Germany, Iran, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain and Switzerland, will be flying in to discover Korea.

Mungyeong is already a favourite paragliding destination having hosted three successful World Cups (2002, 2009, 2011). Mungyeong is one of the best flying sites in Korea. It is the highest and has take-offs in every direction, good thermals, well connected ridges and stunning views of Chungju lake.

The new monorail to launch facilitates access and shows off the sport of paragliding to its best advantage.

The Asian Tour started in 2019. It is aimed at extending the Paragliding World Cup landscape to more Asian countries and pilots, and to give Asian pilots another entry point to the World Cup. It also provides a great opportunity for pilots from all over the world to fly in Asia.

The Asian Tour has at least two events per year. It is run along the same lines as the World Cup with the winner qualifying for the prestigious Super Final.

These events will attract top pilot from around the world to share their competition knowledge and experience.

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Text and photos courtesy of Ruth & Ulrich Jessop / PWCA

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