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Ozone SharkNose Technologie

We at Ozone are pleased to see that SharkNose Technology has been recognised as a useful feature on many new wings, and we appreciate those manufacturers who have approached us professionally about using this design concept. As this feature is now finding its way into mainstream wings that are being sold to the public, we would like to remind all manufacturers that the SharkNose Technology is covered by patent FR2972422.

Ozone applied for this patent in order to ensure that designers who make a good contribution to our sport get the recognition they deserve. Ozone did not apply for this patent to profit financially from it, and we only ask that manufacturers include the attached logo on or near the certification label that is applied to every wing sold which utilises this new technology.

Patent Publication

Here is a brief summary of the Ozone SharkNose Technology (PDF), including a short history of the idea and some information on what the patent means to us at Ozone. Written by Fred Pieri.