David PilkingtonDavid Pilkington

David Pilkington

Job: sewer, speciality twin-needle. When not sewing, Managing Director of our factory in Vietnam

Sports: Formerly paragliding, but as Vietnam has lots of wind, now converted to kitesurf swimmer.

Likes: Work! Seriously, I like working. Being with my wife (as long as it is not at Karaoke which she loves!), a quite(ish) drink with close friends.

Dislikes: noisy places, negative people (which can be me sometimes), liars and Karaoke!

Memorable Flight / Moment: being told off by a nurse for laughing with the boy in the bed next to me – I was only 6 years old but the operation saved my hearing. OZONE-wise, there have been so many memorable moments, most of them down to being lucky!

Fav foods: I eat most things, but being in Vietnam I sometimes miss the normal foods like baked beans.

Fav toons: I like most types, the music I listen to changes with my mood. Normally when I buy a CD I will play it over and over for a few days (or weeks if it a good one) then not listen to it again for a long while.

Dreams: To have time to enjoy what we are doing. To be able to kitesurf well (i.e. land those jumps properly rather than like a whale). To find peace being myself