Hernan Pitocco

Do you have a nickname that you go by?

Where do you live?
La Cumbre, Cordoba- Argentina ( in the country side)

What do you do for work?
Profesional paragiding pilot, Redbull athlete, Ozone dealer in Argentina.

What year, and how old were you when you started flying?
1996 , 16 year old

Did a family member introduce you to paragliding? Does anyone else in your family fly?
No, they definitely don´t like Heights

What other passions do you have, or activities do you enjoy?
moto bike, skiing, kite surfing, skydiving 

Why is flying important to you, and what does flying mean to you?
Flying is my passion since I was 16 years old, it is my way of living and basically what I´m, I believe I´m gonna fly till the end of my days.

Flying Accomplishments.

  • 2010 – First infinity tumbling with paramotor
  • KARAKORAM HIGHWAY 2011 – longues flyght in Pakistan across the Karakoram during 220 km above 7300 meters with Thomas de Dolordot and Horacio Llorens
  • 2012 – Longues world flight 452.5 Km after Olympio Fasiol 453,5 Km in Quixada Brasil
  • 2013 – Togueter with my friend Martin Moyano Bradley we become the only two persons who crosses the Cordillera de los Andes From Chile to Argentina 135 km
  • Infinity World record 286 revolutions in 2103 jumping from a plane ( Cessna Caravan ) at 21.000 feet
  • Slingshoot : Hernan Pitocco and Horacio Llorens they dreamed up this paraglider-powered high altitude human slingshot. After a rather creative exit from a hot-air balloon at nearly 5,000m, the pair (who were harnessed to each other in a tandem paraglider) started an infinity tumble – a high-G inverted maneuver, repeated multiple times. Then, they slingshotted themselves away from the paraglider to skydive back down to earth.
  • Sierra Nevada Santa Marta, we made a expedition in 2017 with Pal Takatz and Horacio llorens to reach 5700 mts hiking up the nevado Santa Marta, we took off at 7 am and we manage to glide all the way down to the ocean making the longest paragliding glide after 49km and about one hour twenty minutes

Do you have any goals, dreams or plans for the next 1-2 years that you want to share?
Yes 2 nice projects with redbull but unfortunately I cant talk about it yet … I hope to show you soon 

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