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Packing Your Ozone Wing

To prolong the life of your wing and to keep the plastic reinforcements in the best possible condition it is very important to pack the wing carefully.

OZONE strongly recommends to use the concertina packing method exactly as shown so that all of the cells rest alongside each other and the plastic reinforcements are not unnecessarily bent. Using the OZONE Saucisse pack will help preserve the life of the wing and aid with the speed and ease of packing.


Lay mushroomed wing on the ground. It is best to start from the mushroomed position as this reduces the dragging of the leading edge across the ground.


Group LE reinforcements with the A tabs aligned, make sure the plastic reinforcements lay side by side.


Lay wing on its side and Strap LE…Note the glider is NOT folded in half; it is folded with a complete concertina from tip to tip. It is really important to not stress the middle cell or bend the plastic too tightly.


Group together the centre of the wing.


Carefully zip up the Saucisse pack without trapping any material or lines


Make the first fold after the LE reinforcements. Do not fold the plastic reinforcements, use 3 folds around the LE.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT lay the wing flat on the ground before packing the glider, this will cause abrasion damage to the top surface as you pull the glider towards the middle. ALWAYS pack from a mushroom or lift the wing off the ground when gathering the wing and grouping the leading edge.

Important: Do not fold the glider in the centre, you will bend the plastics, instead pack the wing with a full concertina method from tip to tip before packing into the stuff sac.