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The Turner Twins paramotor to The Red Pole, Australia's most inaccessible point.

Published on:
21 Nov 2016

In August, identical twin explorers Hugo and Ross Turner, better known as The Turner Twins, successfully became the first people to journey to the Australian Pole of Inaccessibility, using Paramotors. They started on the southern coast of Australia near Adelaide and journeyed over 1,600kms over unforgiving, remote deserts and mountains of the Outback, finally finishing 300kms North-West of Alice Springs in an area of Australia known as, the Red Centre. This latest Quest from The Turner Twins, named The Red Pole, wasn’t without its trials and tribulations. The trip, which was their first flying expedition using Paramotors, included many dangers and risks along the way such as freezing temperatures, extreme heat, turbulent air and weather, poisonous snakes and spiders and the chance of crashing in the remote Outback with little or no hope of immediate rescue. Joining them on the epic expedition was a fellow pilot Kester Haynes who provided vital provisions, fuel, technical support and supplies along the route. While voyaging through the outback, they filmed from the air, capturing some unique and stunning film. The film is currently on “We both used Roadster 2 wings- a perfect mix of easy take off and agility in the air. They didn’t respond at all to the torque effect of our engines which meant we didn’t need to set our trims differently. Performance was above and beyond what we were expecting and by the end of the trip we both had huge confidence with the wings. The perfect wing for desert and cross country flying due to the stability in turbulence/ thermals- we didn’t have one collapse on the journey. Looking forward to the next trip.” The Turner Twins will use the expedition to support the charity Wings For Life - which funds vital research into spinal cord repair, which is a cause close to the twins’ heart, after Hugo suffered a broken neck, aged 17, narrowly avoiding paralysis.  


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