Rob WhittallRob Whittall

Rob Whittall

Job: Design and Testing Paragliders/ Kites

Sports:I love all dynamic sports connected with the air or water, Paragliding, Kiting, Skydiving, BASE Jumping, Speed Riding and Motorcycles!

Likes:I like to think and philosophize, in fact I think a lot. I also like to relax and enjoy good time with my friends after a day of sports.

Dislikes: Mosquitos, they really piss me off and George W Bush.

Memorable Flight / Moment: 7500m in the middle of the Himalaya flying my paraglider, wondering what the hell I was doing there. Snowkiting in Norway, blue skies, perfect snow and the entire OZONE kite team with me.

Fav foods: Fish, I love fish.

Fav toons: I like all kinds of music from Mozart to Metallica, Trip Hop to Dalawiki.

Dreams: All I do is dream but the important thing is that become reality.


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