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Jungfrau Summit with UL3 and F*Lite

Published on:
07 Aug 2015

Peter von Känel sent us a note: Hi there Just wanted to thank you for your great products. Today I have climbed the Jungfrau Summit with a client and we had a very nice flight with perfect soaring above 4000m. I have put a few pics on my website. Today I flew an Ultralite 21, with a F*Lite harness. In my view, currently this is the best gear for this kind of adventure. Even after flying one hour I still felt comfortable in the harness. It is really cool. All the best, Peter This is exactly why we design and innovate in the light equipment category, to facilitate these adventures. We love to hear about your achievements so keep the stories coming. Thanks Peter and cheers from all the team! More images and adventures can be found at Peter's excellent site:


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