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Published on:
06 Aug 2013

During the weekend of August 3rd, we held the inaugural event in the Ozone Slalom Series, in cooperation with Raffaele Benetti. The OSS is designed to be a fun and friendly event for PPG pilots to experience slalom flying, and competition. Slalom competitions have grown in popularity recently, and the Ozone Slalom Series puts pros and amateurs together in a friendly learning environment.
Ozone Slalom
Pilots at the event were able to demo Ozone wings, including the new Ozone Slalom. Ozone Team Pilots, Alex Mateos and Emilia Plak were on hand to give tips and instruction on the best techniques for Slalom flying, and PPG flying in general. Although the focus was the pylon course, pilots at the event also went for a spectacular XC flight along the coast at Viareggio. The results of the informal competition were as follows: 1. Alex Mateos (Slalom 19) 2. Raffaele Benetti (Slalom 19) 3. Emilia Plak (Slalom 16) Italian podium: 1. Raffaele Benetti (Slalom 19) 2. Baroni  Fabrizio (Slalom 21) 3. Alessio Meconi (Slalom 21) The youngest pilot in the event was the 17 year old, Leonardo Pezzini, flying his Speedster 19. He finished 7th. Cheers from all the team, and stay tuned for more a short film about the event. All photos by: Vania Da Rui


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