Baptiste Lambert

With both my parents and my grandfather flying before I was even born, my path was all set. I started flying with my parents in tandem flight when I was 5. After hundreds of such flights, I was finally heavy enough (25 kg!) to fly on my own, first doing little soaring and rapidly moving to cross country. I travelled a lot with my family to do kitesurf and paragliding.

I had to settle a little for my studies but still had the chance to leave from time to time for my competitions. With my mathematical background, I love to train in a methodical way to improve every aspect of my flying skills and recently I also started to hike and fly which is a new way to train for me. It allows me to fly more often, in a big variety of conditions and without logistic limitations.

In 2022, I moved in the south of France to work at Ozone as designer and test pilot. I’m super happy to be part of this team of passionate people and enthousiastic about bringing something to this sport that we love.

Some flying accomplishments :

  • 1st 2019 PWC China
  • 1st 2019 PWC Brasil
  • 1st 2022 PWC Macedonia
  • 1st 2023 PWC Spain
  • 3rd 2022 Superfinal Mexico
  • Two times French XC Contest winner
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