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Published on:
09 Aug 2018

The Magnum 3 is a completely new, “ground-up” design. It delivers significant upgrades in durability, comfort, and ease, with massive improvements in the areas of launch, landing, and in-flight agility. A key benefit for professional pilots is that not only is the Mag3 lighter, it will also last for more flights, meaning that pro pilots save money in terms of cost per flight while also saving weight! Russ Ogden, from our R&D team, says, “It offers the best durability to weight ratio possible, with elegant handling and incredible yaw/roll balance. And hands down the best flare and landing characteristics we’ve ever felt.” More info on the Magnum 3 Product Page The Magnum 3 41m size is ready to order from your local OZONE distributor. Size 38 coming soon! stay tuned


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