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Are you UP with O.P.P.?

Published on:
15 Jan 2013

Here's a new short film about the Ozone R&D Team and our recent adventures in high performance paraglider research and competition... full description follows, below.

The Ozone Performance Project began in 2006 with our first initial push into competition wing development, with the sole aim of improving the “True Performance” of our entire range of wings, from Beginner to Performance-XC. The OPP is not just about glide and speed; the focus is on creating wings that are truly higher performance in terms of comfort in active air, agility, and passive safety and stability. Ozone Pilots have now won the vast majority of International Paragliding competitions since 2009, including the Overall PWC titles in 2009, 2010, 2011, and countless National titles. We have chosen to "Level the playing field" by making our top of the line competition wing designs available to the general public, not just to factory-sponsored team pilots.

Testing high performance wings in the competition environment has led to revolutionary paraglider performance breakthroughs, including the widespread adoption of functional 2-line designs, shark nose profiles, super-low-drag lineplans, and enhanced panel shaping for ultra-efficient profiles and the cleanest sail-surfaces ever. While speed and glide have now been pushed to levels that were previously thought to be impossible, some of the most important benefits have been greatly enhanced stability in active air and accelerated flight not only in our competition wings, but also in our Beginner, Intermediate, and Sport Class wings. Most importantly, the revolutionary performance improvements have come with no compromise in safety, and maintaining moderate aspect ratios for wings in every class remains a high priority for our R&D Team. While the competition environment has been crucial to the technological advances made to all of our wings, our core focus is and always has been to design wings for pilots of all levels, and the most important design breakthroughs that we have made in recent years have been applied to the majority of wings in our range. Whether you are flying a wing in the Mojo or Mantra series, or anything in between, your flying has been enhanced by the success of our development in the Competition Class. We at Ozone are very thankful to have so many fellow pilots flying with us around the world, and we look forward to many more years of innovation in paraglider design. Thank for your support, and we look forward to seeing you up there! Cheers, from the Ozone R&D Team.


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