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Mitch Riley wins Monarca 2019.

Published on:
23 Jan 2019

Ozone Pilots swept the 15th Monarca Paragliding Open in Valle de Bravo, Mexico. Overall Winner, Mitch Riley, reports: "Valle De Bravo, Mexico delivered again for the 15th Monarca Paragliding Open. Through the week we flew a wide range of tasks and conditions. Yesterday, the last day of the comp, I was siting in first place by just 30 points trying to calm my nerves, drop the pressure of performing and just have fun. It worked beautifully during the 92km tour of the Valle flying arena. The first hour of racing was quite fast, with the lead gaggle making quick work of strong climbs and boaty glides. On the way to the Monarca’s the day got shady, and it became all about feeling out any weak lift that was available and optimizing climbs and glides. Pilots searching for glory on the last day were cutting the corner of the convergence and getting desperate. I backtracked to the convergence, took every bit of height I could find, and went for the long glide toward ESS. It worked! Switching to slow mode late in the day brought me into goal first for the day, and secured the competition win. Congrats to Harald Wilhelmi (2nd, Enzo 3), Matthew Beechinor (3rd, Zeno), Bianca Heinrich (1st Women, Zeno), and Gunnar Saebu (1st Sports Class). Alas De Hombre and Nicki Moss did a fantastic job of navigating an evolving political situation and keeping vans filled with fuel during the fuel crisis” For full results click here. Congrats and cheers from all the Ozone Team


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