GOLD and SILVER at the World Slalom Championships 2023

Published on:
11 Jun 2023

The 5th World Paramotor Slalom Championships recently happened from June 1-9, 2023, in Bornos, Spain, a well-known place for practicing this exciting sport. This year, 37 pilots from 11 countries took part in the competition, divided into two classes: PF1, with 27 pilots launching on foot, and PL1, with 10 pilots using trikes.

Unfortunately, bad weather kept the pilots on the ground for three out of the six scheduled days. This was disappointing for everyone involved because only four tasks could be completed after eliminating the lowest score. This is a lower number compared to previous slalom competitions, but it's important to remember that the weather is something we can't control.

The French and Qatari national teams had a close competition. All the pilots displayed their skills and fought hard for the top position. The scores were very close, with differences of less than half of a second. Every little effort or mistake had an impact on their overall ranking. The Czech Republic and Lithuania teams followed closely behind.

Alex Mateos from France, last year's World Champion and a favorite of Ozone, dominated the competition, winning every task every day. He is an amazing young pilot from France, and it's incredible to watch him fly! Congratulations to Alex, the Slalom World Champion 2023 in the PF1 class. This adds another Gold medal to Alex's impressive collection.

Boris Tysebaert, flying in the PL1 class, achieved a big success by winning the Silver medal for the French Team. It was a close competition between Boris and Hayan from Qatar. Their battle for the top two positions in each task was exciting to watch. Hayan had a slightly better score, which placed Boris in second position.

Nicolas Aubert fought hard throughout the competition and held the 3rd position for most of it, but in the end, he finished 5th in the final scoring. Nicolas said, "The competition is tough. Several pilots finished with the same second in one task!"

Marie Mateos, the World's Best Female pilot, achieved an impressive 12th place in the final scoring. Her talent is incredible! There were only three female pilots in the competition.

Other top Ozone pilots included Tomas Misiunas from Lithuania, who finished 8th, and Bartosz Nowicki from Poland, who finished 11th. All those pilots were flying with Freeride 2 wings.

It's also worth mentioning that everyone was very happy with the organization of the event. The organizing team deserves a big round of applause for putting together such a great event with an amazing atmosphere. We hope to see more events like this in the future!

Congratulations to the winners and all the participants from the entire Ozone Team!

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