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Custom Logos

Our own manufacturing facility in Vietnam is one the most modern and progressive in the world, 100% of our wings and accessories are manufactured in house. We are very proud of the quality of custom paraglider and kite logos that we have been creating for our customers for over a decade now.

There are generally two types of logos available: Stuck-on (using adhesive glider cloth) and Sewn-in. We can also print logos onto panels if money is not an object to your sponsor.

Stuck on logos are the most cost effective and are ideal for simple lettering or artwork that is not too large as they add to the overall weight to the wing. Stuck logos are therefore not recommended for logos with a large surface area or for high performance wings where the weight of the sail is critical. The added layer also restricts light so can modify colours slightly – especially when the sun shines through and they are not effective for sticking lighter colours over dark (e.g white lettering on a black surface). If your sponsor is really image conscious and you want to give them the best images possible then we recommend a sewn logo.

Sewn-in logos are designed and sewn into the panels at the time of construction so there is no additional weight. Due to this extra work sewn logos are more expensive than stuck but in many cases they do look significantly better - light has to pass through only a single layer of cloth so the colours are not modified by the extra layers as with stuck logos. Intricate or highly detailed artwork may not be suitable for sewn logos, in such cases a combination of stuck-on and sewn-in can be used.

We can also print logos onto panels. Printed logos look amazing and is ideal for very complex artwork but there is a significant cost involved. Printed logos are recommended for major sponsors and multiple orders. Please contact us for more details.

If you are interested in a custom logo wing contact your local OZONE dealer. What follows is some information and guidelines on what is required to place a custom logo order with us:

  1. Please be sure to have your completed artwork ready in a vectorised .ai file (Adobe Illustrator) saved in version CS6 or earlier. We cannot make logos from artwork that is not vector based (jpegs etc).
  2. If the logo is just lettering, please let us know the font. You may need to supply the font if it is not readily available.
  3. You must have a clear idea of how large you want your logo, and where you want it placed on the wing.
  4. Sewn logos can only be made from our stock colours, use the custom colour pages of the wing to discover the available colours.
  5. We can print almost any colour onto stuck logos, for the closest match please send us the pantone. We try to match as best as possible but cannot guarantee an exact match.
  6. Normal fees will apply to top surface custom colour choices (ask your local OZONE dealer for custom colour charges).
  7. Logo prices vary according to size and complexity of the artwork. We must have finished artwork in Adobe Illustrator or a jpg preview to quote any prices.
  8. All logo quotes must be placed through your OZONE dealer, please do not contact us directly. When your dealer has your logo information he should speak with us to get a quote, and then let you know what is possible and at what cost.
  9. All logo gliders are built custom, we cannot apply logos to stock wings so please organise and confirm the artwork with your dealer before ordering the wing.
  10. Dealers: Do not place the order for the wing until the artwork and layout has been confirmed, we cannot add logos to wings already in production.

“I wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did on our entire school and tandem fleet, all of our staff, our sponsor, our clients, and our students are just stunned with the new wings. You guys are setting the standard of quality as high as it goes, thanks again.”
– Alas del Hombre, Valle de Bravo.

“Ozone does amazing work with the custom wings -- this is my 3rd custom wing and the detailing is impressive."
-Chris Banford Switzerland

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