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Monaco to Beijing, by Paramotor!

Published on:
14 Dec 2008

Recently two Frenchmen flew their paramotors from Monaco, on the Mediterranean coast in France, all the way to Beijing, China. The journey of over 10,000km was completed flying the new Viper 2 paramotor wing. Frederic Jacques and Gabe Galtier traversed Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, The Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and finally China, over a period of 5 months. The duo enjoyed the sights and experiences of countless deserts, ancient cities and temples, storms and sunsets during the course of their voyage. Fred and Gabe report that the Viper 2 is everything that we'd hoped and planned. With even higher top speed and better glide than the original Viper, the two were able to enjoy one of the fastest and most efficient paramotor wings available. And they reported that throughout the turbulence and the wide range of conditions, the safety and comfort was truly excellent. The Viper 2 is certified EN C.


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