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Published on:
17 May 2023

The Ozone and first edition of the Sports Racing Series in Krushevo has come to a close after 3 valid tasks.

The SRS is for pilots who have outgrown fun and national competitions, and are looking to take the next step. It’s also for experienced EN-B & EN-C pilots who want to finally be able to race on a level playing field.

This new series of events has been organised by Brett Janaway through a series of 4 locations this year, Macedonia, France, Italy and Spain, and adding more locations in 2024.

The Overall winner of the SRS Krushevo was Martin Jovanoski (MKD), followed by Igor Todevski (MKD) in second and Luke Nicol (GB-Photon) in third.

In the female category the winner was Monika Takats (AUT-Photon) , followed by Summer Barham (USA-Photon) in second and Viera Schwery in third (CHE-Alpina 4).

Monika also claimed the victory in the Reynold Class (Sub-95 Kg).

In the team class,  Cross Country and Ozone were tied for first place, but after using individual scores the win went to the Cross Country team.

Paulo Herculano from Portugal was the lucky winner of a new Ozone wing in the prize draw.

For full results:

For more on the SRS visit:

Congrats to all the pilots and cheers from all the Ozone Team.

Photos courtesy of Markus King @ CrossCountry Magazine

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