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Mojo2 Medium Size – Certified and Available for order!

Published on:
16 Jan 2007

The Mojo2 M size is now available for order from your local Ozone Dealer!

Mojo 2 – A Perfect Start - During its three year career, the Mojo set an astonishingly high standard for DHV 1 wings. The Mojo was well rounded enough to be safe enough for a student’s first days on the hill but with enough handling and performance for 100km XC flights.

The Mojo 2 fits into the same category and has similar characteristics to the first Mojo, but with a few important differences. The primary improvement of the Mojo2 is the increased progressiveness of the brake travel, and the roll reduction. These two factors have increased the precision of the handling and the comfort in flight, which are highly important factors for overall glider performance. The glide and speed has been improved through more advanced profiling, although the overall passive safety remains uncompromised and solid enough for any new pilot or for pilots for whom passive safety is paramount.

The new Mojo2 is constructed from all 45gm2 Porcher Sport Skytex cloth, which has proven to be a durable and reliable material with unparalleled longevity.


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