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Ozone pilots win the French Championships

Published on:
09 Jul 2018

2018 French Championships finished with a big success for Ozone Team. Alex Mateos won French Champion title followed by Nicolas Aubert on the 3rd place in general classification. Both pilots flew Viper 4. Competition took place in Blois in France. During 7 days pilots completed 14 tasks. Alex Mateos reports: “This year the most challenging task for me was economy, because I chose smaller size of the Viper 4, 16 instead of the 18. But despite of smaller size I won all the eco tasks, which is pretty amazing as for such a small wing! The weather was great, we had only one rainy day, which allowed us to have a nice rest! I think my weak point has always been  Navigation but lucky this part of France is easy so I haven’t lost too many points on that task! I would like to thank you Ozone for such a great wing, which always helps me to win! Looking forward to Slalom World Championships in October” Nicolas Aubert says: "The most challenging for me is to keep focus and energy for so many days of competition. Getting up before sunrise and finishing last task after sunset with not much time to rest is really hard. Except traditional economy, navigation, speed and precision we had new tasks, which I enjoyed very much. I did really well in pure economy but scored zero once because I run out of fuel (my mistake!) I recover 3rd position thanks to winning Navigation task with photos! I really love my Viper 4 for its performance, speed, maneuverability and impressive high resistance to turbulence, even at maximum speed. Next Parabatix in China and World Slalom Championships in Egypt!" Cheers from All Ozone Team


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