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The MagMax: Our New Trike and Foot-Launch Tandem Wing

Published on:
28 Apr 2013

We are excited to announce the arrival of the MagMax, our new Trike and Tandem wing. Based on the now famous Magnum series, the MagMax is specifically adapted to powered flight. It offers the same high levels of performance, handling, and ease of use that has made the Magnum series the world’s bestselling tandem wing, but with special features specific to powered flight. The MagMax an ideal choice for professional tandem instructors, but also part time weekend pilots. The high levels of glide and climb efficiency, thanks to the high performance profile, moderate aspect ratio and low total line drag, makes the Magmax suitable for a wide range of motor and trike units. The MagMax is now available in 2 sizes: 38 and 41 and 2 colors. More information can be seen here. We look forward to hearing your impressions of this exciting new tandem & trike wing!


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