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Paramotor- Kite Action in NZ

Published on:
17 Feb 2008

Early 2008 in Raglan New Zealand, an internationally renowned surf spot, two athletes at the top of their disciplines met and preformed in harmony on the sand, water and air. Hugh Pinfold and Mathieu Rouanet are both Ozone team riders/pilots. They met at a café to strategize how the sports of Kitegroundboarding, Kitesurfing and Paramotoring could be undergone in close proximity in complete unison. Many factor needed to be taken into account especially whilst paramotoring over water, ie bodies don’t float too well with an engine on the back. The chosen day was crystal clear, sunny and the wind was a clean 10-12kt sea breeze, a good compromise for ultimate control in each of the chosen windsports. This first day was a pilot session to see how both activities could be mixed to get some never seen before pictures, video and above all to push the limits whilst having fun. Mathieu used a 18m Ozone Viper wing with his PAP engine, while Hugh used an 11m Ozone Frenzy / MBS Comp16 for Mountainboarding, and a 15m Ozone Instinct Sport II / 135 Ozone pre-production kiteboard for Kitesurfing. Raglan provides the best of both worlds with a long wide beach at low tide perfect for ground based kiting, and a strong 6-8kt current at the harbor mouth adding to the windspeed with an outgoing tide.   The days events were well covered by Sophie Guibal from “iNDASKY Productions” and Alexander Behse from “Monsoon Pictures International”. Below is a short teaser video of the days activities. Keep posted for the full DVD, due for release later this year. Cheers Team Ozone


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