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An adventure in Africa

Published on:
01 Mar 2007

...with Marchesseau, alias Paulo, (flying the Rush Power) and Francis Gardeur (flying the Viper)  Team supported by Geraldine and Tonio The adventure began in Tangiers, where the team flew along the Mauritanian coast, passing Tafraoute and the blue rocks of the desert. They then made for the Mauritanian Adrar, where the expansive sands permeated all of their equipment. There and above the Banc d’ Arguin, where flocks of birds and trees were the only apparent living scenery. From there, the team continued to Senegal for more incredible flying. In Senegal, Francis claims that they laughed at the birds, who are not real pilots. “They fly without maps, radios or a GPS, and frequently must be lost in the bush. And when they land they must still carry all of their flight equipment!” [We’re not sure Francis, but we’ll publish your theory here ;-) ] The team continued into Casamance, flying with more birds and then crossing into Gambia to return towards Mbour. They flew over the Senegalese Riviera, and stopped at a humanitarian aid station to donate some supplies, and finish their African Adventure. Congrats on a nice adventure with some pretty good photos, Francis and Paulo! Cheers from all the Team.


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