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Published on:
23 Nov 2013

L'open Asian Beach games est l'équivalent des championnats d'Europe et rassemble un grand nombre de pilotes d'Extrême Orient. Cette année ces compétitions ainsi que l'Asian Oceanic Powered Paragliding championship (AOPC) se sopn t déroulés à Phuket du 14 au 20 novembre. Félicitations à Kittiphop PHROMMAT, 1er. à l'AOPC sur sa Slalom et à Alex MATEOS, 1er. à l'ABG, également sur sa Slalom. Selon Alex MATEOS, " c'était mon premier voyage en ThaÏlande et The Open Asian Beach Games are equivalent to the European Championships, gathering pilots from many Asian countries and from around the world. This year Thailand hosted the ABG and AOPC (Asian Oceanic PPG Championships) in Phuket from 14-20 November, 2013. Congratulations to Kittiphop Phrommat, who flew his Slalom to 1st overall at the AOPC, and Alex Mateos who took 1st overall at the ABG, also flying his Slalom. Alex Mateos reports: “It was the first time I have been to Thailand and I was amazed by the country in general, very warm and welcoming people, beautiful landscape, incredible scenery for paramotor flying with beaches, islands and green hills. We were lucky to have good weather conditions during the competition. We flew nearly every day. The area was nice, small 500 – 600m high hills helped a lot in economy tasks to gain altitude. The organization of the event was very professional. We completed 15 classic competition tasks: precision, economy and navigation. There were 36 pilots from 10 countries: Thailand, Qatar, China, Malaysia, Japan, Spain, Germany, France, Estonia, Belgium. Thai pilots are very young, and they are improving their skills really fast. They are focused mainly on slalom flying. I was surprised how many of them fly Ozone Slalom wings; in fact more pilots flew Ozone than any other brand.” Thanks, Alex! Alex Mateos beat 2 World Records in slalom precision tasks during this event:  First is his World Record in “Clover leaf” slalom with a time 33.18 sec (previous record: 36.31 sec from WPC 2012). Second was the "Japanese Mania" record, at 49.83 sec. (previous 56.95 own by Ramon Morillas). All World Records will be validated soon, by the FAI. Full Results:


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