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Ground Handling: The DVD!

Published on:
03 Jun 2007

Ozone is proud to announce the arrival of 'Ground Handling Techniques', by the Kitchen Productions Crew! Pierre and FX at have already brought us 'Paragliding, Learn to Fly', which is an excellent beginner DVD aimed for new PG students. Ground Handling Techniques covers every aspect of launching and ground handling your glider, complete with 3D animation and super clear descriptions of the right and wrong way to handle your glider. Ground Handling is without question the most important skill that a pilot can master, and it is a crucial part of your learning progression. The best pilots practice ground handling constantly. This DVD shows techniques that will speed the progression of new pilots, and also some new fun tricks that even the best pilots can practice. To see the short trailer, click here for English and here for French. For more info and to order, go to


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