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Published on:
28 Jun 2015

It's been a great few weeks for distance flying according to a few Ozone friends. Team Pilot Nick Greece wrote in about two nice flights he had on his Enzo 2: Had an amazing day on the 17th from Jupiter, Utah, USA that I would like to share with you. Wanted to get up and away from the mountains and into the flats where I could handle more wind if I had to land backwards. Ive only flown Jupiter two other times and never really got up, so the first section to get the route lined up was a bit tough and the climbs were only 400-600 feet per minute which made for slow climbing, although every climb would send me 10 miles or more just with the drift. With an average speed of 32 mph I was able to fly 293.3km (172.7 miles) in just under 6 hours. To be alone in those flats in the wind is inspiring and slightly terrifying at the same time. Terrispiring. Those clouds you see in the photo were always just ahead of me. After four hours of being bummed I couldnt catch em I realized they too were in the same wind and I stopped trying. I think a world record will be broken out on them there flats! Can't wait to fly out there again. If you want to fly the flight with me check this out: Doarama Flight You can check out the flight log here. Then, on June 26th, Cody Mittanck and I flew together for eight hours! We launched from Nephi, Utah and I flew 275.86km (165 miles) to Carmel Junction while Cody almost made Kanab a few miles further. It was an incredible day which started very slow, with difficult conditions and turned into one for the books. The barometric altitude was way off on my instrument but it was a pretty high day. Chris Galli also sent an inspired line from near Park City almost to Green River. You can see the track log here and I hope you enjoy a Doarama of our flight! Nuno Virgílio wrote in from Portugal to tell us of some big flights: We've seen a very good week in the end of May with several pilots going beyond the 200km mark every day. Nuno Virgílio (me :)) set a new local record at the famous site Linhares da Beira, flying 260km in 6h. The following week, starting close to the border in Spain, I could fly almost the same route, in the reverse way, for 242km, being blocked in the end by the shadow of big clouds that overdeveloped further north. Here are the tracks for the first flight and the second flight. Lastly, Tim-Patrick Meyer wrote in to tell us that Polish pilot Robert Niziolek flew over 222km in Norway on his Delta 2! Thank you for sharing these amazing flights. We love hearing about your adventures and achievements on Ozone gliders. It inspires us to do what we do. Thanks again and cheers from all the team!


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