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Important Note Regarding the LTF in Germany

Published on:
17 Jun 2015

Over the past few years, a lack of clarity and the spread of misinformation have caused German pilots to be misled about the facts of the LTF. As we know, the LTF paraglider certification adds nothing to the safety of the wing, while adding needless red tape and potentially increasing the cost to the pilot. The German Ministry has now confirmed that German pilots do not need to fly wings which have LTF certification, as long as the wing does have a recognised certification issued by any other official organisation from a country within the EU. As a result of the German Transport Ministry’s review, wings like the Mojo 5 and Atom 3, which have been tested to the normal EN standards and recognized by the French authorities, are valid for sale and use by German pilots and for use in German schools. The new Mojo 5 and Atom 3 are the best wings we have ever made in these classes and we are happy that German pilots and schools can use them as easily as the rest of the pilots in Europe.


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