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Ozone pilots and the Freeride 2 win GOLD and SILVER at the WPSC 2022

Published on:
19 Sep 2022

Long-awaited after 4 years break World Paramotor Slalom Championships took place in Strachotin in the Czech Republic, from 9 till 17 September 2022. 45 pilots from 12 countries competed in two classes, the most prestige PF1 – foot launched (27 pilots) and PL1 single trike class (13 pilots). The biggest team were from France (10 pilots), Qatar (8 pilots) and Czech Rep (7 pilots). Unfortunately, the weather conditions allow running only 9 slalom tasks and the finals. 

Alex Mateos defended his World Champion Title finishing 1st in the PF1 class. Alex was flying Freeride 2 14 against his biggest opponent Naif Al-Baloshi on the Snake 3 13 and Jeremy Penone - Snake 3 14. 

Alex says: “This year Championships were extremely difficult. The weather was bad and we couldn’t fly many tasks, there was no room for any mistake! I love the Freeride 2! It is faster, more stable, and very agile but I need more training to be able to get 100% from this wing! It was extremely difficult for me to be faster than 1m2 smaller wing, but with more training, I can do even better! At such a high level every millisecond counts so precision in turns and speed in a straight line is crucial!”

Another French pilot Boris Tysebaert finished 2nd in the class PL1 (single trike) winning the title of Vice Champion. Boris was flying Freeride 2 15, which he got for only 3 days of pylon training before the Championships!

Despite a short time to get used to the new wing and slalom training other 3 Ozone Team pilots finished within the top 10!  Bartosz Nowicki (7th), Nicolas Aubert (9th) and Marie Mateos (10th)

This year the fight was at a really high level. The professionally trained National Team of Qatar was fighting hard to get the best results in both classes. French pilots and Alex teammates Jeremy Penone and Jean Emile also showed their extremely good piloting skills. The general ranking was constantly changing among the top 5 pilots, till the big finals on the last day.

We are very happy with the performance of the new Freeride 2. We are confident that this wing is a perfect tool for top slalom pilots, who want to achieve the highest score in the next competition.

Final results:

Class PF1:

1. Alex Mateos (FRA)

2. Naif Al-Baloshi (QAT)

3. Jemery Penon (FRA)

Class PL1:

1. Saeed Al-Marri (QAT)

2. Boris Tysebaert (FRA)

3. Milan Clement (CZE)

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