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Pal Takats and Viper 2 in action at Red Bull Air Race

Published on:
27 May 2014

Ozone Team pilot, Pal Takats, was recently invited to participate in the Red Bull Air Race series. Pal flew his Viper 2 20m at RBAR events in Croatia and Malaysia. The Air Race series had never seen a PPG demo before, and the images of Pal slaloming the pylons over water are stunning! Pal Reports: “I had the chance to fly demos in Croatia (Rovinj) and Malaysia (Putrajaya). It was a long awaited dream come true, being able to perform in this series. Since it was developed in my home of Hungary, I had this idea in my head for quite some time. Due to the tightly planned schedule I only had short slots to perform my routine, which was mostly dynamic maneuvering close to the water. The Viper2 20 turned out to be a great tool for that, I like it a lot. In Croatia the event was at the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, so there was some breeze and the water was a little choppy, but in Malaysia I was enjoying low wind and flat water conditions, just perfect!”. For more info on Pal, check out his website, and facebook page. Photo by: Geh Chee Minh, Predrag Vuckovic, Akos Nemeth


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