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Jimmy Hall

Published on:
28 May 2007

It has taken us a while to get this news onto the site, and of course by now it isn't really news as most of you have undoubtedly heard: Jimmy Hall died on May 9th on Baffin Island, North of the Arctic Circle in Canada. Jimmy was on a BASE jumping expedition with friends at the time. Jimmy was without question one of the most inspirational and energetic people in the paragliding world. However, what made Jimmy such an extraordinary man is that he had the same effect and equal influence on everyone and everything in the many other parts of his life. Paragliding and free flight photo/videography were just a few of the many things that he did well. Jimmy was a legend worldwide, even on the North Shore of Oahu, his home in Hawaii. To become a legend on the North Shore takes more than most of us are really even capable of. Our world is blessed by very few people who influence us in such a positive way. Jimmy was a non-stop inspiration to everyone who knew him, and to many others who he never met. In his 41 years he lived more than 10 normal men live in 100 years. We could write pages about the things that Jimmy accomplished in his lifetime, but perhaps his ultimate achievement is the incredibly massive circle of friends that he left behind. We are countless in number, and will be forever thankful for the positive influence that Jimmy had on our lives. Jimmy, we love you and we miss you more than you could have ever known. Thank you for changing us all for the better. More info: Media Inquiries: Micah Johnson [email protected] +1 602.999.8838


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