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Calvin Hecker and the Fly Frame (video)

Published on:
29 Aug 2009

Matt Hecker, of Colorado, USA, has created the world's first device that allows for consistent short take off cliff launches with a ram air canopy. The implications of this invention could be far reaching. While Ozone does not condone or recommend the modification of any wing, we do fully support innovation and imagination, of which Matt obviously has plenty. The video below was shot from various cliff launches in Switzerland using the Fly Frame and a Bullet 12m. The Fly Frame allows the wing to be held overhead, already expanded span-wise and ready to launch. With just one step and the aid of gravity, Matt is flying. The concept of eliminating the need for a running launch is highly interesting, as anyone who has foot launched speed flying wings can attest. Matt's Fly Frame is Patent Pending. For more information Matt can be contacted via Facebook (search Calvin Hecker). Check out the video here: http://www.vimeo.com/6340155 Cheers from all the Team.


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