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There are three categories of wings available in the OZONE Speed Range so you are covered for all conditions.


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Firefly Series: The Firefly 3 builds on the legacy of the Firefly series, which was founded on a simple principle: A high performance profile in an extremely stable speed wing planform. If you want to focus on foot launch flying and need a wing that will provide the ease of use, glide, and stability needed to fly a wide range of sites and conditions, then the Firefly 3 is the perfect choice. See the Firefly 3 info page for a more thorough description of this wing, which is not only perfect for new speedwing pilots but also for experts who want a very compact and user-friendly wing that still delivers a massive amount of fun. This is the most stress-free wing in our mini-wing lineup, and has gained a reputation worldwide for having an amazing blend of performance and comfort. The Firefly 3 is easy to use, but still gets you everywhere you want to go. You can’t help but smile while you’re under it, whether you are ridge soaring in wind or carving a nice mountain descent.


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The Zero 2: The Zero 2 is a pure, high-performance mini-wing, which (thanks to the sharknose and a very long and careful development process) is incredibly stable and reliable as well. If you are interested in mini-wings but skeptical of their performance range or unsure about their passive safety and comfort, then we think the Zero 2 will be a pleasant surprise. When it comes to the basics – launch, flight, landing – the Zero 2 behaves like a normal paraglider and any intermediate pilot will find no surprises in these categories. What is surprising, is the fun-factor! Direct but forgiving handling, amazing speed range with an exhilarating top speed, and all of the unexpected pleasantries of a mini-wing setup – having a lightweight and compact bag, it’s easy to lay out on launch and pack up in the landing, and it’s mainly just a joy to carry around and use at a wide range of sites. Not to mention the fact that when the wind picks up and everyone else is sitting there, you’ll be cruising around on the Zero 2 racking up airtime.

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The LiteSpeed: The LiteSpeed is a highly versatile, lightweight mini-wing that features the latest in Shark Nose Technology and Ultralite construction. Its modern design incorporates the same technology that powers our highest performance XC and competition wings, packaged into a user-friendly intermediate mini-wing. The LiteSpeed is not just a light version of another wing. Although it began development as a lightweight Zero, the final result is a new design with significant improvements. If you are interested in a lightweight mini-wing, this is the glider for you!


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Fazer Series: If you are new to this part of the sport and want to ski launch, then we recommend the Fazer series, which is suitable for beginner speed pilots. For newer pilots, the 12m or 14m size should be chosen, as that covers pilots from <60kg to 100kg in weight. If you already have some speed wing experience and want a compact and easy to use wing that is still very exciting, then the 10m will be a good choice (or the 12m if you are on the heavier side). Because there are a lot of factors beyond pilot weight, including mainly the type of site (steepness, quality of launches and landings) that you intend to fly, some instructor consultation is always advised when you are choosing your wing.

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The Rapi-Dos: If you already have some speed wing experience and want something that dives more, flies faster, and swoops longer in the landings, then the Rapi-Dos is for you. This performance speed wing design contains numerous technical advancements particularly in the trim system and profile. It has a wider glide range, more dynamic handling, and the best swoop performance that we have ever experienced. The Rapi-Dos is stable and reliable, but good judgment and experience are key pilot ingredients, as with any wing aimed towards a higher level of flying.

The great thing about both the Fazer and the Rapi-Dos is that they are equally at home in summer or winter conditions. Foot launching both wings is a blast, and their launch characteristics make them perfectly suited to foot launch flying. Foot launched speed flying is now undoubtedly more popular than ski-launch, and the development of both wings has been centered around this fact.