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At OZONE we are very proud of the quality of our products, and it’s something that we feel passionate about. This page explains why we chose some of the materials we use and how our wings are put together.

We started to develop our first wing on a clean sheet of paper. Choice of materials was one of the first problems to solve. Issues such as aging, material stability, ease of handling, and cost, etc had to be taken into account. In the end we chose the materials that we knew would do their particular jobs best. End of story.


We have chosen to use Dominico 30D MF for the surfaces of our gliders. We consider this material to be the most advanced cloth available today, and our testing and research suggests that it lasts longer and performs better than any material in the world.

Dav and the design team spend a lot of time perfecting our wings to make them as wrinkle free as possible. Wrinkle free means a well designed glider with an exacting high quality production method.


We also use Dominico 30D cloth for the rib construction as it is important that these remain stable so as not to deform and affect the handling of your glider over time.


We are great believers in using the right product for the job. On the lower lines we make use of Edeilrid High Modulus Aramid for its stretch resistance, high thermal tolerance and acknowledged durability. For the upper cascades we have chosen Liros line. This specially heat treated dyneema in a finely woven sheath gives a line that is hard wearing allowing us to use a smaller diameter line for the same strength, meaning less drag, less weight and more performance.


Our line attachments are sewn deep into the reinforcement area of the ribs, which makes them stronger. For instance, the Zero is tested to 8G at 139kg. Our deep attachment points also mean that the load is spread over a larger area of material which will reduce any stretching or aging of the cloth.


Take a look at the colour scheme of an OZONE glider and you will see the panels match up with millimeter precision. This is a clear indicator of the accuracy and quality with which our wings are put together. This leads to wrinkle free gliders with consistent handling, performance and style.


OK you can’t see this vital piece in our quality system, unless of course you get on a plane. We are very proud of the fact that all our paragliders, speed wings, and kites are manufactured in our very own high quality facility. Airconditioning not only keeps our workers cool but maintains the stability of our cloth during manufacture. The production is designed so every wing is fully inflated during final inspection. This allows us to maintain the highest levels of quality control.


Our risers are manufactured using Guth &Wolf zero stretch polyester webbing from Germany (25mm/2000daN, 20mm1600daN). Risers take a lot of wear and tear, so we have reinforced the hook in point with two layers of webbing and a protective sheath of heavy-duty nylon cloth for maximum abrasion resistance.


AustriAlpin pulleys are the best in the world. We use pulleys with a cast alloy body and a brass roller that ensures a long working life. Oh, and they’re shiny and rather sexy as well.


The French company Maillon Rapide have been in the business of producing the best quality shackles, links and clips for many years. There are many look-a-likes but only one original; look for the stamped name and the breaking strength.


The leading and trailing edges are finished precisely. The accuracy of our colour schemes should reassure you that we are not hiding any panel inaccuracies. Just remember that a 1mm error on a cell in a glider with 50 cells leads to an overall error of 5cm, this can make a marked difference to a gliders handling, performance and safety.

These materials and design elements combine to create a glider that when cared for properly will give you hundreds of hours of trouble free flying.