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Ozone Viper Conquers UK National Championships

Published on:
13 Jun 2007

The Ozone Viper has done it again. Consistently in the 1st place position of every major national and international PPG competition on earth, the Viper has now taken 1st place overall at the UK National Championships. In an extraordinary upset, George Macak, a previously unknown pilot from Thailand, won the overall title flying a Viper! George was borrowing a PAP motor from Mathieu Rouanet that was much too large to be efficient during the economy tasks, but somehow George, with no european comp experience and borrowed equipment, took first place, beating world and national champions! Congratulations George, and we're glad you like the Viper! ;-) George found that the handling and stability of the Viper was what made the difference, although he said the top speed was crucial as well, of course. In second place was Michel Carnet, a consistent top 3 pilot, and in third place Mathieu Rouanet, knocked down from his customary 1st place position by an error during one of the tasks. Ozone congratulates George and Mathieu, thanks for getting 2 Vipers into the Top 3! Good work, men. The otherwise excellent event was marred by one tragic accident. Ozone extends our most heartfelt condolences to the friends and family of Julius Gee. Julius was an excellent pilot who was respected by many, and he will be badly missed.


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