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Speed Flying... Still!

Published on:
01 Jun 2007

The beauty of new sports is that they are constantly evolving, and constantly becoming more fun. Technology advances with time, but usually the most exciting developments come from the riders and pilots that push new sports in new directions. Speed Flying is definitely a new sport, even if its roots were planted over 20 years ago in the alps when early paraglider pilots ski-launched their parachute-like wings. The Ozone Bullet was designed to be ski-launched, but some of our team pilots haven't been able to give up speed flying even though they were forced to say farewell to the snow. It's an addictive sport, for sure, and some pilots say it's even more fun without skis... and more fun than normal paragliding... we're still not sure, all we know is that we love it too. Be careful out there guys (and girls), and enjoy!


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