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Published on:
23 May 2023

The 2023 French Championships took place at Chambley Airport from May 18 to 21, 2023. Forty-three pilots competed this year in the PF1 class (foot launch solo), seven in the PL1 class (single trike), and four teams in the PL2 class (tandem trike). Despite the constantly changing weather, rain, and strong winds, the competition director, Pascal Valee, managed to use every flyable window to run eight valid tasks. Unfortunately, the famous Ozone Team pilots and champions of the past several years, Alex and Marie Mateos, did not participate in this year's competition due to their workload.

In all categories, French pilots flying Ozone wings finished on the podium. François Jaillet secured 3rd place in the PF1 class, and Michael Merle secured 3rd place in the PL1 class, both flying the Viper 5. The PL2 (tandem trike) team of PASQUIER Cyril and MALENGROT Sylvain took 3rd place flying the TRIOX 2.

Michael reports, "The competition began on Thursday, May 18, as planned, under rather challenging weather conditions. We commenced with the 'snake photo' navigation, followed by a precision landing. Despite adverse weather in the subsequent days, the competition proceeded at full speed, with early wake-ups at 4:00 a.m. and flying until darkness! I am satisfied with my final results, although we always strive to improve!"

Another Ozone team pilot, Nicolas Aubert, reports: “It can be said that it has been one of my best championships, having finished in the top 5 in all the navigations (5 in total), second in 2, and one of them I would have won if I hadn't flown in a prohibited area, which cost me a lot!”

Less than two weeks remain until the World Paramotor Slalom Championships in Bornos!

Cheers from the entire Ozone Team!