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Help Send Mathieu and Emilia to Thailand!

Published on:
29 Sep 2009

How would you like to win an all expenses paid trip to Thailand, to do whatever you want? If that sounds good, then please take a couple of minutes to vote for Mathieu and Emilia at the link below. Mathieu has already been selected as a finalist, and it's now down to public participation to help them win. They are planning a massive paramotor adventure around the Island of Phuket, to skim beaches and coastal terrain while shooting photo and video to share with us. Another detail: If you register to vote, you are also entered in the contest to win $2500 USD. And the more times you vote, the better your chances are (you can vote 1x per 24hrs). So to help them out and possibly help out yourself at the same time, head over to: You can see Mathieu and Emilia's preview film here And check out Mathieu's blog for more news and photos: Cheers from all the Team, and good luck to you and also to Mathieu and Emilia!


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