Alexander Deyev

Where are you from, where do you fly? I'm living in Les Deux Alpes, France. Still exploring my backyard and happy to find new amazing lines all the time!

How did you get into Speedflying? First time I tried mountain flying was in 2011 at my previous home - Crimea. Those days we had a lot of fun playing with our old skydiving wings.

What do you do for work? My job is speedflying for more than 7 years. Speedflying school, gear testing and sales, pictures and videos.

What does Speedflying mean to you? For me speedflying and speedriding are the best combinations of mountain activities with endless potential for self-improvement always being connected to the most beautiful places on the planet. I'm definitely not the best pilot but I'm proud to be in this sport for quite a long time and fly almost every day! The best flying day for me is discovering new speedflying worlds in the middle of nowhere with my friends!

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