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Giving Back, in Nepal.

Published on:
02 May 2015

Following the disastrous earthquake last week, our good friend Isabella Messenger is helping to spearhead ground rescue, supply, and medical relief efforts in the villages around Pokhara, Nepal, a well known flying site where thousands fly each year. Karma Flights is a local pilot-run charity in Pokhara. Run by pilots who want to 'give back' to those in the community, it's now found itself at the centre of relief efforts in Pokhara and have been doing remarkable aid work without the help of the government or any large NGO's for the past week, organizing supply and food distribution and sending teams to the local villages near the epicenter of the earthquake to offer whatever medical assistance, shelter, and rescue efforts that they can. We'd like to assist them in reaching out to fellow pilots to help them keep up their efforts. Rest assured that any donations are going directly to help those on the ground. If you'd like to help, the simplest way is to donate through the Karma Flights website. You don't need a PayPal account, just a bank card. Isabella has been posting updates on her facebook page with photos and details of their work which we highly recommend following.


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